What is Season Long Bare Ground Weed Control?

What is Season Long Bare Ground Weed Control?

There are some areas where we don’t want any plants to grow. Often these are in areas of industry and are on gravel.

Plants in these areas can cause problems for the business or property owner.

  • Causes the business to look unsightlyBare ground weed control by VMC
  • Inhibits efficient work from being done
  • Hides hidden dangers or creates new dangers
  • Prevents access to places or to materials
  • Damages foundations, materials, and structures

We control weeds for the entire year by making 1 application in the spring, and taking care of any

Bare ground weed control by VMC

Bare ground application by VMC

problems during the growing season. This means you don’t have to:

  • Buy and store chemicals
  • Mix or spray chemicals
  • Pull weeds or weed eat
  • Worry about your business looking ill-kept
  • Be concerned about safety issues

To review, bare ground weed control is:

  • Treatment is made in spring
    Bare ground weed control by VMC

    Bare ground weed control by VMC

  • It lasts the entire growing season
  • It uses pre-emergent technology to keep seeds from sprouting
  • Can be used anyplace where you don’t want any plants to grow
  • Commonly used on gravel surfaces, building edges, and fences

VMC offers a Silver and Gold service level to meet the individual needs of our clients


  • One time applicationBare ground weed control by VMC
  • For the tight budget
  • For the perfect application site
  • A follow up can be scheduled later


  • Full service weed controlBare ground weed control by VMC
  • A follow up is included in the low price
  • Great for sites with heavy water or obstructions

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed on both service levels!

Call us anytime for a free quote to control weeds for the entire summer on your gravel surface or building edge

(855) WEED – VMC



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