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Experience, Resources & Safety.

VMC provides business owners and property managers with effective vegetation control on gravel surfaces, in right of ways, in our forests and pastures, and in the water.

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Your Satisfaction!

Getting results

VMC's expert applicators choose the correct application technique for the in order to achieve the desired results.

Solving your VM problems

Our toolbox contains forestry mulchers, fixed boom and boom-less sprayers, skid sprayers, mist blowers, a dedicated bare ground sprayer, chainsaw operators and professional applicators.

What we offer

Operating in industrial, urban, and areas of infrastructure, VMC offers our clients a comprehensive package of vegetation control services that cross industries like forestry, right of way, pasture and grazing, and bare ground weed control on gravel sufaces.

VMC Blog


At VMC providing worry free vegetation management services is only part of our mission. Another goal is to educate and inform the public about our industry and our company through our blog and other social media outlets


Find resources and information about different application techniques, vegetation management options, safety articles and advice, industry links and much more

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Created by a forestry services company


Serving the Midwestern United States.


Solutions for any situation


Your satisfaction is guaranteed


We listen to your needs & provide answers

Up to date

Trained and licensed in 6 states

Better place

Beautified property and increased safety and visibility


Spraying, mulching, cutting, pulling


We'll take care of that!

– VMC solves your unwanted weed & vegetation problems –

Don’t stress out over these plants anymore

With our focus on the customers needs VMC offers custom solutions that fit each situation through our fleet of specialized equipment and our expertise in herbicide application

Contact us: 855 WEED VMC

VMC - the Vegetation Management Company