Forestry & Right-Of-Way Vegetation Management in the Midwest

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About Our Forestry & Right-Of-Way Vegetation Management Services

Our Forestry and right-of-way vegetation management is a service used to clear broadleaf and woody vegetation overgrowth common in very woody areas.

The techniques of our woody vegetation management are used where the grass is desired but larger, tougher plants are not. This prevents woody plants from growing and damaging overhead structures, blocking vision, and degrading the desired ecosystem while maintaining a cover of desirable grasses, forb, and sedges.

These services are most ideal for utility right-of-way clearing for things like powerlines, pipelines, and roadways as well as recreational parks for hiking and nature reserves.

Where Our Vegetation Management Services Are needed

Pipelines & Power Grids

Pipeline and Power Grid Clearing Services in St. Louis Metro Area

Keep utility lines clear and damage-free with right-of-way vegetation management. This will also make servicing them much easier and more efficient.

Fields & Lots

Field & Lot Overgrowing Control Services in St. Louis Metro

Clear an existing or new field from overgrown vegetation with our services.

Trails & Parks

Professional Forestry and Woodland Vegetation Management in St. Louis Metro

Keep trails and parks safe and convenient with professional forestry and woodland vegetation management services.

Why Choose VMC for Your Woody Vegetation Management

No job is too big or too small for VMC. Small applications may only require backpack sprayers and weed-eaters while larger jobs may require us to utilize our boom sprayers, forestry mulchers, and chainsaws.

Whatever the application, VMC will provide a custom solution for your property as well as a unique plan tailored to the needs of the vegetation and lot. Sometimes only a one-time clearing is needed — other times, we need to make routine visits. Either way, we’ll make sure your property is taken care of and that the results leave you, guests, and the wildlife safe.

Wood Vegetation Control in St. Louis Metro
Professional Forestry Control in St. Louis Metro

Decrease Maintenance Costs

Stop Weed Eating and Weed Pulling

No More Storing, Handling, Mixing, or Applying Chemicals

Improve Visibility and Safety

Maintain a Professional Look for Your Property

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