About Our Company

We’ve been focused on the forestry and vegetation management industry since 2015

How It Started

Since 2015, we at VMC have wanted to shape the vegetation management industry by being the leaders and experts in safe, professional, and unique vegetation management solutions.

We’ve put an emphasis on four core principles:

Professional Commercial Vegetation Management Team in St. Louis Metro Area

Environmental Stewardship

Proper application rates, container recycling, trained applicators, and secure storage all fit into environmental care and respect. All of our containers are recycled at approved disposal sites. Our state-of-the-art storage room is leakproof, ventilated, and temperature controlled. Our applicators are trained and experienced.

Trained Applicators

At VMC our employees go through safety and training programs to become the safest and most effective applicators in the industry. Our Master Applicator designation describes VMC employees that have completed our company training program,  have shown proficiency in equipment, and have the required experience.


VMC has your vegetation management needs covered from bare ground applications to forestry mulching and skid-spraying of large areas.

Solutions by Experts

With experience in forestry, bare ground, right of way, and commercial maintenance, the applicators and VMC will provide solutions for your vegetation management needs.

Choose VMC For…

Expertly Trained Applicators

Custom Solutions

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Why Choose VMC?

VMC provides worry-free vegetation management services by focusing on the customer’s needs and expectations. VMC is committed to providing the best vegetation management, and lawn care services that are rooted in economic feasibility, safety, and ecological health.

Our Expert Services

VMC isn’t your run-of-the-mill weed control company. We tackle heavy vegetation growth from invasive species to complete brush clearing.

Depending on the application, a wide range of tools may be used such as boom and skid sprayers to clear large areas of invasive species as well as forestry mulchers and chainsaws to clear heavy brush from intended clearings and right-of-ways.

Our work isn’t subcontracted out. When you hire VMC for your vegetation management and clearing needs, you get the experts with the right equipment and knowledge.

Professional Vegetation Control Team in St. Louis Metro Area

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