Bare Ground & Gravel Vegetation & Weed Control in the Midwest

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About Our Industrial & Bare ground Weed Control Services

Most lawn care and weed control companies deal with weeds and vegetation on lawns and landscapes — but we handle weeds and overgrown vegetation no matter where it’s coming in. Our bare ground weed control and vegetation management services also include weeds on gravel, pavers, and pavement.

We utilize customer mixes and solutions to clear overgrowing vegetation and keep it from coming back with routine applications as necessary.

No area is too small or too large for us to manage. Smaller areas may only require a backpack sprayer while larger areas call for skid and boom sprayers.

Whatever is needed to get the results you need, VMC is here to handle the vegetation!

Professional Bare Ground Weed Control in St. Louis Metro

Where Our Bare Ground Vegetation & Weed Control Management Services are Needed

Storage Facilities & Warehouses

Storage Unit Vegetation Clean-Ups in St. Louis Metro

Storage units and warehouses don’t have to look unmaintained. Keep them looking fresh and cared-for with our bare ground vegetation management.

Parking Lots & Roadways

Gravel Parking Lot Vegetation Control Services in St. Louis Metro

Gravel roads and parking lots are notorious for sprouting weeds and grass. We’ll make sure your gravel areas look as if you had just poured the gravel for the first time!

Levees & Rocks

Professional Levees Vegetation Control Services in St. Louis Metro

Due to the number of nutrients and water, levees and wet rocks collect heavy amounts of vegetation. Our vegetation control services keep your levees, dams, and rocks looking crisp and professional.

Why Choose VMC for Your Bare Ground Vegetation Management

The typical approaches to weed control and vegetation management are usually the same whether you’re treating a lawn or a gravel road.

However, at VMC, we know that this is not actually the case. There are plenty of other things to consider when treating bare ground vegetation management such as the type of vegetation coming through and the mixes required to rid that type of weed.

Additionally, you have to consider runoff and the slope of the bare ground. Since we’re not treating porous lawns, there aren’t many places for the chemical treatments to absorb into. Too much treatment and you can be dealing with runoff into areas you don’t want vegetation damaged or worse, into sewage systems, waterways, and retention ponds.

Professional Vegetation Management Contractor in St. Louis Metro

Decrease Maintenance Costs

Stop Weed Eating and Weed Pulling

No More Storing, Handling, Mixing, or Applying Chemicals

Improve Visibility and Safety

Maintain a Professional Look for Your Property

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