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Operating in industrial, urban, and areas of infrastructure, VMC offers our clients a comprehensive and customized plan for vegetation control services. These services cross-industries like forestry, right-of-way, pasture and grazing, and bare ground weed control on gravel surfaces. Take a look below to learn more about our vegetation management services.

Industrial Bare Ground Vegetation Control

Bare Ground Weed Control Services in St. Louis Metro

Maintain a professional look to your property with complete, bare-ground vegetation control. This service is ideal for properties with vegetation that consistently grows through bare-ground like gravel and concrete.

Save time and money with one of our bare-ground vegetation and weed control packages. Whether you need a one-time application or routine follow-up, the professionals at VMC have you covered.

Forestry & Right-of-Way Vegetation Control

Our right-of-way vegetation control services are designed for areas that may want grass but not broadleaf weeds or woody vegetation taking over.

We’ll use a combination of chemical applications and machinery to clear heavy brush as well as vegetation that’s beginning to sprout and take over the right-of-way utility, park, field, or pasture.

Pipeline and Power Grid Clearing Services in St. Louis Metro Area

Commercial PRoperty Maintenance

Professional Commercial Vegetation Services in St.Louis Metro

At VMC, we don’t just handle your overgrown vegetation or invasive woody plant life. We also provide professional lawn mowing and maintenance services for our commercial clients.

When the vegetation has been controlled, hire the experts at VMC to mow and take care of the lawn you want to maintain.

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