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Vegetation Management  for Industry and infrastructure    

VMC Services

Bare ground weed control on gravel surfaces
Right of way management and forestry mulching
Invasive species control with backpack sprayer
Aquatic vegetation management
Bare Ground
Weed Control

VMC will keep your gravel weed free of the entire growing season, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Broadleaf & Woody
Vegetation Control

Used in right of ways, pastures, wild life openings, and on invasive species and land reclamation projects.

From forestry mulching to backpack spraying, VMC has it covered.

Invasive Species
Control & Eradication

Treating invasive species in natural areas is how VMC started and now we are ridding back yards and urban areas of these invasive and aggressive plants.

Vegetation Control

Eliminate unwanted aquatic plants from your lakes and ponds.

Forestry Mulching

VMC offers a Bobcat T770 with a 60″ Fecon cutting head for your reclamation and restoration projects. VMC has the equipment you need for your vegetation management projects.

Bare Ground vegetation control

Bare Ground weed control on gravel surfaces

Our bare ground services provide weed free gravel surfaces for business and land owners. Our services have helped small businesses maintain their properties while reducing their expenses and efforts. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

When it comes to fighting weeds in your gravel…

We’ll take care of that!

  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Stop weed eating and weed pulling
  • No more storing, handling, mixing, or applying chemicals
  • Improve visibility and safety
  • Maintain a professional look for your property

Don’t stress out over these plants anymore because at VMC your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Broadleaf & Woody vegetation control

What is it

This technique is used where grass is desired but larger, tougher plants are not. This prevents woody plants from growing and damaging overhead structures, blocking vision, or degrading the desired ecosystem while maintaining a cover of desirable grasses, forbs, and sedges.

More green

Managing for grasses often results in wild flower flushes and increased insect and wildlife activity.


Controlling broad leaf and woody plants in pastures, CRP fields, pipeline and electrical right of ways, on roadsides, in ditches, on dams and levees, and many more.


Forestry mulchers, boom sprayers, skid sprayers, backpacks, and chainsaws

VMC will LISTEN your needs, DESIGN the best solution and

PROVIDE you with the right application!

With our focus on the customers needs we provide CUSTOM SOLUTIONS for each situation by altering the herbicide mix, application technique, and the timing of the application.

Contact us Now!

Invasive Species control & eradication

Do your part to PROTECT our environment:

  •  Provide better habitat for wildlife, and allow native species to thrive by aggressively treating invasive species.

Invasive Species  can be eradicated from your property, allowing for better suited native plants and wildlife to thrive in their place. If Invasive plants are in your back yard, your wood lot, or property lines, VMC can help.


  • Invasive plants in your backyard
  • Invasive plants along a roadside
  • Invasive plants in ditches and drainages
  • Invasive plants in natural areas like grasslands and forests

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Aquatic vegetation management

By eliminating nuisance plants in your lake or pond and installing an aeration system you can keep your pond or lake clean, beautiful, and enjoyable.


Ponds and lakes can be made unusable when they are infested with nuisance plants. VMC will help you take your lake back!

Different Services

If it's spadderdock, filamentous algae, duckweed, or many of the other aquatic plants that can hold a lake or pond hostage, VMC has the means to protect your body of water so you can enjoy it once again.


VMC is licensed to apply aquatic herbicides.

Problems with unwanted and unsightly weeds?

Call anytime: 855 WEED VMC

855 933 3862 We’ll take care of that!

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